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Questions regarding the WISE program and how to participate should be directed at your appropriate WISE sponsor.  However, please first review these webpages since most questions can be answered here.

All WISE Interns are student members of one or more of these societies and each WISE intern is sponsored by one of the engineering societies that participate in the WISE program:

The American Ceramic Society (ACersS)
    Tricia Freshour, tfreshour@ceramics.org


American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
     Steve Smith, steps@aiche.org

American Nuclear Society (ANS)
     Alan Levin, alevin@alum.mit.edu

    Jim Scarborough, jscarborough@ashrae.org

ASTM International
     Travis Murdock, tmurdock@astm.org
     James Olshefsky, jolshefs@astm.org

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
     Erica Wissolik, e.wissolik@ieee.org

SAE International
     Logen Johnson, logen.johnson@sae.org

The sponsoring societies fulfill various roles in support of the program.  Each society works with their WISE Interns to select a research topic for the summer program. Society staff and/or volunteers serve as mentors to their WISE Interns.  Sponsors also provide access to computer facilities and information resources available in their Washington offices. 

To students, if your society is not on this list of sponsoring organizations, ask them to join the WISE program. We'll be glad to provide information on the program and can follow-up your contact.

For societies not listed here who are interested in participating in WISE and would like more information on how you can become a WISE sponsoring society, provide program mentors, and/or make a tax-deductable contribution to support the WISE Program, contact Mark Ames at mames@ashrae.org; Melissa Carl at CarlM@asme.org; or Erica Wissolik at e.wissolik@ieee.org.

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