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Marc Christopher Canellas
2011 WISE Alumni


I want to thank the WISE program for one of the best summers of my life. One which truly transformed my dreams and goals. Prior to this summer I was certain that I would become an aerospace engineer. Now, I think I may have Potomac fever as I am pursuing graduate school to develop computational methodologies to aid policy creation and political decision-making.

As this note is written, I am in the beginning stages of creating an engineering and public policy symposium here at the University of Missouri. This summer when I left D.C. I really wanted to instill in my fellow engineers the appreciation of the interaction between public policy and engineering. By writing articles and bringing in a few on-campus speakers, I believe I have increased awareness on a very small scale. Naturally, I was thinking of something bigger, something campus-wide. Therefore I contacted a professor in our political science department about the idea of bringing in speakers to have a panel discussion on the interaction of political science and engineering. He immediately loved it and has been extremely active in developing the event, as well as securing the support of the College of Arts and Sciences. We also have the support of my student chapter of ASME and the political science honors society PSA. Moreover, I have spoken with the associate dean of our College of Engineering, and gained a verbal commitment of support for the symposium.

This event would be the first of its kind here at MU, with estimated attendance of at least a few hundred - engineering undergraduate enrollment here totals 2200 students with political science enrolling 550 undergraduates. The impetus for this event was entirely a result of the influence of the WISE program and the great mentorship it provided.

All the best and more.

 - Marc


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