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Caroline Cochran
2004 WISE Alumni

My school recognized the WISE experience in their "Evolve" newsletter, my paper was featured in both SAE's Automotive Engineering International magazine and a smaller version was published by SES - Standards Engineering Society.

The experience was inspirational to me as a person, and I can't imagine having the opportunity to work around a more fun and bright set of people again in my life.

This summer, I am working at the Pentagon in Programs Analysis and Evaluation on Weapons Systems Analysis-- a job I'm sure I got in large part due to my experience from WISE.

Last week at the ASEE world conference (where I saw Sharon!), the subject of the main plenary was having engineers who are leaders, engineers with a sense of the global community, engineers involved in public policy, etc... Exactly what this program produces. If the NAE wants to talk about the Engineer of 2020 with these characteristics, it should recognize that each of the characteristics they outlined as necessary and important for the future engineer are especially and completely developed by the WISE program.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be a WISE intern

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