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Lorrie  Faith (Ackerman) Cranor
1992 WISE Alumni

The summer I spent in the WISE program was extremely influential on my career path. It gave me new insights into the types of career opportunities that could combine my interests in technology and public policy, and I learned a great deal about the policy making process.  I subsequently decided to pursue a doctoral degree in Engineering & Policy at Washington University in St. Louis, focusing on computers and telecommunications policy.

When I graduated I joined AT&T Labs-Research as a Senior Technical Staff Member. As an AT&T researcher I have been able to work on a variety of projects that take advantage of my interest and expertise in technology policy issues. I travel to Washington, DC every few weeks to talk to government policy makers or advise industry groups. Topics I have focused on include technology to protect children on the Internet, electronic voting, and online privacy issues. 

I have served on a Federal Trade Commission advisory committee on online privacy, testified as an expert witness in two cases involving challenges to state laws restricting speech on the Internet, and spoke at a privacy technology demonstration at the US Capital. 

My experience as a WISE intern helped familiarize me with the Washington technology policy scene and made it easier for me to come up to speed quickly on the policy-related aspects of my job. 

From my experience, there seems to be a great shortage of people who have both technology and policy skills. I get many more requests to assist with projects that require navigating through technology policy issues than I have time for. 

Hopefully the WISE program will be able to continue to motivate students to pursue studies (and subsequently careers) in this important area.


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