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WISE can be a life-changing experience if you make it so. The knowledge and skills you will acquire will help you succeed in your personal and professional life if you are willing to work hard and be open to new and unexpected learning opportunities.  The program will open your eyes to non-traditional career paths and alternative ways of putting your engineering education to productive use.  The contacts you make with your fellow WISE Interns, your faculty advisor and mentors, and Washington decision-makers provide a valuable network if you use them effectively.  The key is to success in the program is personal responsiblity and professional curiosity.

The following testimonials from WISE program participants highlight these and other ways that the WISE program can contribute to your personal and professional growth, as well as help you to play a leadership role in advancing the engineering profession and promoting more effective science and technology policy, laws and regulations at the national, state and/or local level.

Notice to WISE Alumni:   We need your input to help WISE develop proposals for new sponsors and funding sources.  Tell us how the WISE experience affected your career, what you learned from WISE and how you have used that knowledge and experience in your work, in your professional activities, and in your personal life.  Use the Alumni update report form or send your email directly to Chris BrantleyTestimonials are especially welcome and will be posted at the WISE website to help attract and inspire future WISE applicants.

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