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Notice: The WISE Alumni Class ’80 is organizing a 25th Anniversary reunion on 29-30 July 2005 in Washington.

WISE FMR Charles Overby offers these reflections on the 1980 program and WISE in general. Overby also reports: “I found photos of two of my playtoys that I wish to share with you. The ultra-light is a “Kolb-Firefly.” It has a 40 horsepower engine and is a single place ship that weighs less than 254 pounds. Its wings fold up for transport. I have the trailer built for it, and hope to get the ship built from a kit after I get my titanium knees in place. The cruise ship is Peaceboat preparing to dock at one of the harbors where we have met it on one of our trips with them. One of the most encouraging dimensions of Peaceboat is the enthusiasm with which these young people organize and run this ship. Most of them are Japanese, but there are quite a few Caucasians also. Their Tokyo headquarters office is a wild bee-hive of creative activity.” (5/05)

Scott Buehrer: After MBA, worked for McKinsey & Company as a management consultant (based in Atlanta) for several years. Worked in various industries (Food Packaging, Appliances, Banking, Insurance, etc.) Then for several years managed the Sales & Marketing Department for a small manufacturer of steering stabilizers (sold to Truck, Bus, and RV markets) located in Atlanta. Later joined Tenneco Automotive (Michigan), multi-billion dollar global manufacturer of chassis parts, for 10 years (5 years in charge of various R&D projects (especially Active Noise Cancellation), and 5 years managed a Business Unit responsible for all Sales and Engineering of company products to Chrysler ($300mm+/year in sales)). Left Tenneco Automotive to conduct financial valuations of privately held companies. Three years ago decided to enter the medical field, mostly because I didn’t know much about this market and thought it would be fun to learn a new industry. Currently manage the sales operation for Bionix (Toledo, Ohio) which produces and markets disposable medical devices sold to the Primary Care, Acute Care, and Long Term Care markets. Attend lots of medical trade shows. At the last one in California I had a kidney stone attack which was very convenient as I had 6000 doctors at my disposal! Pictured with wife Suzanne. (05/05)

Jeffrey Derby: I am a professor here at the University of Minnesota, and my time always seems to be oversubscribed! I am married and have two teenaged kids. I hope to make it to the 25th reunion. (2/05)

Scott Ewing: Speed Dating 101: BSME SMU 1980, MSME MIT 1984, 22 years at TI building bombs and missiles, finished medical school 2001, Internal Medicine residency 2004, now I’m a Cardiology fellow. Finish fellowship 2008 and will then have to find another training program. Daughter 19, son 17. Both good kids and I’m proud. See you this summer at the 25th reunion! Here is Scott sking in Utah (6/05)

Paul Faeth: After the WISE program I went to Dartmouth. I’ve been living in DC for the past 18 years, working first in gov’t and then for environmental non-profits doing policy work on agriculture, forestry, climate change, environmental markets, etc. After 14 years at the World Resources Institute, first as an associate and then director of the Economics Program, I am now the Managing Director. I’ve got two kids, one just started college. (When did I get old enough to have an adult for a son!!) I’d love to hear from anyone.” (10/02)

Cynthia (Karbowski) Wiley — London 1996-1999. Returned to Washington in 1999. (5/02)

Steve Payne: I’ve been in California almost 20 years now – a long way from D.C. After college I worked in Washington for two public policy consulting firms, then went to Harvard for my MBA. Since then I’ve been with a management consulting firm, a startup, and a large Japanese company, and I’ve been with a venture capital firm (The Ignite Group) for the past seven years. Married to a writer, have two young kids, coaching basketball and soccer (while I’m still taller than they are). I’m very involved in technology, but only involved in public policy outside of work. (03/05)

Dale Randels, Jr.: Still running Heery International’s Nashville office and am responsible for several building programs and designs. Am coaching my 11 year old daughter’s basketball team and my 4 year old son’s soccer team. (01/99) Picture with Son (06/05)

Mary Shelman: MBA from Harvard Business School, 1987. ABD in Business Economics at Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (just hate that thesis stuff). Currently Chairman of the Board, RiceTec, Inc. (Alvin, TX) and Board Member, Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation (Vaduz, Liechtenstein). Married to Nathan “Chip” Cohen with one son “AJ” who is 9. (05/01)

Andre Tugendhat: Still working for Chevron in Houston (VP-Marketing and Business Management for Chevron Oronite, a wholly owned subsidiary in specialty chemicals). Unfortunately, no real involvement in public policy issues. Last alumnus to be in touch with was Jeff Derby, but have lost touch in the last couple of years. He was a professor at Univ. of Minn. as of that time. (2/01) Picture (06/05)

Calling all 1980 WISE Alumni. Let us know what you’re up to. You can use our on-line update form or post in the WISE Forum.

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  • Christina Wong, WISE 2010

    “I will be starting law school at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.”
    (Posted August 2011)

  • David Pietrocola, WISE 2010

    “I am a Science Assistant (or Science Education Analyst if you’re OPM) working in the Division of Graduate Education in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources at the National
    Science Foundation. My main job is to support the IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeships) program, which funds projects that bring interdisciplinary research
    and education together in a novel way. If I had known about it when I was applying to graduate school, I would have looked for a school that had one. Additionally, I’ll be doing stuff on the side related to STEM education and hopefully some robotics work as it comes.”
    (Posted May 2011)

  • Nathan Lee, WISE 2010

    “I am back in DC!! I am interning at the White House National Economic Council this fall. Better yet, I’m working for the energy and environment policy adviser within the NEC, so I’m thrilled.”
    (Posted September 2011)

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