Best Place to Pay Respect:
Arlington National Cemetery

Best Place to Learn Everything:
The epicenter of nearly everything known to man, the Library of Congress – The Library does not allow the public to borrow books. The institutional mandate is to serve Congress. However, WISE will receive a special day of orientation at which time, you will obtain reader cards that allow you to access materials while you are using a reading room.

Best Place to Imagine the Possibilities:
National Air and Space Museum

Best Place to be Overwhelmed:
The depths of hatred are on display at the United States Holocaust Museum

Best Real Estate Tour:
Stop at the world’s most famous address at the White House

Best Place to Feel History:
Ford’s Theatre

Best Place to Live JFK’s Vision:
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Best Place to Embrace the Present:
Carter Barron Amphitheater The outdoor venue’s annual lineup includes free shows that provide a great respite from the city.

Best Place to Cozy up to A Scientist:
Sit on Einstein’s lap and have your picture taken.

And other must-do items……

Music Venues:

Go hear some music. Music venues drawing national acts include:

New York City:

If you have the energy, you can get to NYC and back in one day. The cheapest option is the “Chinatown buses” – so called because they run from Chinatown, DC to Chinatown, NY. There are many options, including: Bolt Bus and China Town Buses.

Amtrak is very comfortable, quick (3 hours), fun, and the trains run all day, everyday. Roundtrip price about $98 -190 depending upon day and time of travel.


About halfway between DC and NYC and is also a day-trip option

Beaches & Parks:

Food & Drinks:

Eat, drink, socialize & use the free internet at:

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