Volume 25 (2022)


Tiara Carrasquillo-Perez
ANS, Universidad de Puerto Rico
– Improving the Domestic Supply Chain of Medical Grade Isotopes

Kevin Donnelly
AIChE, West Virginia University
Storing the Future of Energy: Navigating Energy Storage Policy to Promote Clean Energy Generation

Kevin Guan
IEEE, UC-Irvine
– Reviving a Shared Culture of Repair

Matthew Hageman
ANS, Oregon State University
– Radioactive Waste Disposal: A Long-Term Solution by Rebuilding Trust

McKenzy Heavlin
IEEE, North Carolina State University
Cybersecurity of the National Electric Grid: Protecting Distribution Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Jason Hess
ASTM, Youngstown State University
Orbital Space Debris: Policy Recommendations in the Pursuit of Near and Long Term Space Sustainability

Abbey Kollar
AIChE, Penn State University
– Bridging the Gap Between Agriculture and Climate: Mitigation of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Fertilizers


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