Volume 21 (2017)


Lauren Bartels
AIChE, Tulane University
Turning the Tide: Policies to Advance Seawater Desalination in the United States

Madalyn Beban
ASHRAE, University of Dayton
Out of Site, Out of Mind: An Assessment of State-Level Siting Policies for Wind Power Generation Plants

Brenden Foster
SAE, Pellissippi State Community College
UAS Integration: Drones on an International Stageand What the US Can Take Away

Sydney Hamilton
ANS, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Waste Not, Want Not: Restructuring Radioactive Waste Management in the United States

Taylor Hetrick
IEEE, Baylor University
Removing the Dichotomy: Addressing the Need to Approach K-12 STEM Education from a Broad-based Framework

Jericho Locke
ANS, Lipscomb University
Advanced Reactor Licensing: Balancing Preparedness with Innovation and Efficiency

Madden Sciubba
ASTM, The University of Alabama
Not A Pipe Dream: Policy Recommendations to Combat an Aging Water Infrastructure

Elena Shanin
AIChE, University of Utah
Into Hot Water: Utilizing Thermal Distributed Energy Resources to Improve Grid Reliability

Caroline Trier
IEEE, Washington University – St. Louis
Eliminating Barriers to Telehealth

Julia Zhuang
AIChE, Yale University
Microgrids for the Macrogrid: Advancing Community Microgrids for Grid Modernization

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