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Volume 24 (2021)


Shruti Das
Securing American Democracy: A Forward-Looking Analysis of the Modern US Election System

Kat Hefter
Calculated Risks: Ensuring Accuracy and Equity in Hospital Resource Allocation Software
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Nathaniel Furman
Securing Systems Against Modern Threats: A Case for Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Architecture

Kennedy Brown
ASTM International
An Investigation on Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems in Rural America: A Case Study on the Alabama Black Belts’ Wastewater Infrastructure Crisis

Robert Renfrow
American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Advanced Tools for Advanced Reactors: Analyzing the Role of Modeling and Simulation in the Licensing of Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors
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Sara E. Murphy
– Modernizing the United States Electric Grid (2021): Key to Resiliency and Decarbonizing the Energy Sector

Alexis Voulgaropoulos
– Mitigation of PFAS in Public Water Systems: A Guide to Ensuring Safer Drinking Water

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