Dress Code

During the program, you will visit government and other professional offices, thus you are expected to have suitable business attire. However, you should also bring plenty of casual, cool clothing as Washington summers can be very hot and humid. Please check with your sponsoring society to be sure of what you should be wearing on a daily basis. Office dress codes vary by office. However, note that flip flops – even “dressy” flip flops – and shorts are are never permitted, anywhere during the work day. Note that if you bring shoes that you normally do not wear during the school year, you may want to ensure that they are comfortable. You will be walking, … a lot! Ladies, if you like heels, you may want to adopt the habit of carrying a second pair of comfortable shoes with you. This is the norm for commuters in DC and you will see women changing their shoes before heading into meetings and office buildings.

Washington summers are famous for brief but severe thunderstorms in the afternoons. Having a small, sturdy folding umbrella is very useful.

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