Volume 26 (2023)


For more than 35 years, WISE sponsoring societies have brought outstanding engineering students to Washington to learn how government officials make decisions about complex technological issues, and how engineers can contribute to the legislative and regulatory public policy processes. Each student independently researches and writes a paper on a topical engineering-related public policy issue that is important to the student’s sponsoring society. These presentations represent the work of each student.

Christian Jamison
Tufts University, IEEE
Recommendations for a Coal to Nuclear Transition Using Small Modular Reactors

Sarah Cole
Boise State University, ANS
Fueling the Advanced Nuclear Reactor Fleet

Abbey Hageman
University of Nevada-Reno, ANS
Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Ryan Alimento
University of Southern California, ASTM
The Sustainable Energy Interconnection: Challenges Facing the Future Electric Grid

Jean-Luc Theard
North Carolina State University, ASTM
Automating the Supply Chain: The Case for Autonomous Systems at Ports to Increase Resiliency

Aicha Sama
Brown University, AIChE
— Making Net Zero Emissions an Attainable Goal: Introducing Graphene-enhanced Technologies to the Regulated Market to Mitigate Carbon Emissions

Evan Erickson
University of Wisconsin-Madison, AIChE
— Shaping a Federal Strategy for Chemical Recycling: Toward Sensible Applications of Emerging Technologies in US Plastic Waste Management

Courtney Cochran
Mississippi State University, AIChE
— Fortifying the Grid in the Southeastern U.S. through Microgrids: Navigating an Uncertain Regulatory Environment





2023 WISE Interns

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The 2023 WISE Interns in the House Science and Technology Committee hearing room.

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